Villainous Creatures Wreaking Havoc on Humanity

Flora and Fauna – Plants and Animals – are crafty villains in this week’s features exploring four villainous creatures wreaking havoc on humanity in The Day of the Triffids with Nicole Maurey and Howard Keel, The Little Shop of Horrors with Jack Nicholson and Jonathan Haze, Kong Island with Brad Harris and Esmeraldo Barros, and Virus with Chuck Connors and Glenn Ford. Let the fun begin!

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The Day of the Triffids

“TheThe Day of the Triffids is a 1963 Steve Sekely sci-fi horror film starring Nicole Maurey, Howard Keel and Janette Scott, and tells the story of a meteor shower that blinded most of the people on earth, and has also spawned giant intelligent plants that think, walk and try to take over the planet.

The Little Shop of Horrors

“TheThis 1960 black & white Roger Corman film, The Little Shop of Horrors, is an American black comedy horror film starring Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph and Jack Nicholson is a wildly popular cult farce about an inadequate florist’s assistant who cultivates a plant that feeds on human flesh and blood.

Kong Island

“KongKong Island is not about King Kong or even shot on an Island. Kong Island is the 1968 Roberto Mauro sci-fi drama adventure starring Brad Harris, Esmeraldo Barros, Marc Lawrence and Adriana Alben telling a story based in Kenya where a mad scientist is experimenting with radio transmitters implanted in the brains of gorillas to control their minds and behaviors. Our hero (Harris) leads a team to rescue an abducted girlfriend from the wild jungle and the mind-controlled apes.


“Virus”Virus is Kinji Fukasaku’s 1980 sci-fi horror Japanese film starring Chuck Connors, Glenn Ford Olivia Hussy and George Kennedy telling the story of cold-war germ warfare that leads to the threat of escalated global nuclear doomsday and a desperate hope to re-populate the world in the aftermath.