Real Badass Heroes in Action

Sometimes we just want to see some real Badass heroes in action. This week on, we are featuring four great actors playing real tough guys in their movie roles. Get lots of popcorn and settle yourself in for some real hard-core action films from our collection including 1978’s China9/Liberty37 starring Warren Oates and Fabio Testi; 1973’s Chino starring Charles Bronson and Marcel Bozzuffi; 1968’s Commandos starring Lee Van Cleef and Jack Kelly; and finally, 1980’s Cry of the Innocent starring Rod Taylor and Nigel Davenport. Ready? Action!

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China 9/Liberty 37

“ChinaChina 9/Liberty 37 is the 1978 Monte Hellman western drama starring Warren Oates, Fabio Testi and Jenny Agutter where a convicted criminal befriends a miner holding out from selling his land to the railroad that he was hired to kill. He falls in love with the miner’s wife and all hell breaks loose in this western tale of deceit, infidelity, friendship and love – but most of all – redemption.



“Chino”Charles Bronson plays the title role in Chino and Jill Ireland, Marcel Bozzuffi and Vincent Van Patten star in this 1973 Western Action Drama directed by John Sturges and Duilio Coletti about a half-breed loner and horse breeder living in the old west who takes in a young run-away boy looking for work and trying to find his own place in the world. Based on the 1967 best-selling book, The Valdez Horses by Lee Hoffman, Chino is an Italian-Spanish-French co-produced film shot in Spain, with an American actor playing a Mexican rancher. You may want to call this spaghetti western a ‘global western.’



“Commandos”Commandos is a 1968 Italian war drama directed by Armando Crispino and starring Lee Van Cleef and Jack Kelly. It tells the story of two Americans leading a band of seemingly Italian commandos on a World War II mission to secure a North African oasis. Not just a few complications arise as the storyline twists and turns, enhancing the soldier’s commitment to the original mission.


Cry of the Innocent

“CryCry of the Innocent is the 1980 Michael O’Herlihy suspenseful action drama starring Rod Taylor, Joanna Pettet and Nigel Davenport telling the tale of a former green beret now an insurance agent in Dublin whose family was accidentally killed as collateral damage by a greedy conglomerate looking to expand their riches, and the struggles he faces as he seeks his vengeance.