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Good Against Evil

Good Against Evil is the 1977 Paul Wendkos horror/thriller starring Dack Rambo, Elyssa Davalos, Richard Lynch and Kim Cattrall about a writer and an exorcist teaming up to battle Satan and an evil group of devil-worshipers. No awards here for this made-for-tv movie, but a great retro-seventies horror flick that’s just perfect for a lazy day of slacking. Stream Now

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure is the 1975 Gianfranco Baldanello western adventure starring Joan Collins and Jack Palance. Set in the Gold Rush days of The Yukon, a young orphan boy Jim and his dog, find their way to Dawson city and with the help of glamorous saloon owner, Miss Sonia, they devise a plan to clean up the corrupt town! However the ruthless kingpin of the town, William Bates has other ideas, the fight for a new beginning for the entire frontier has begun! It’s a cold world out there, for an orphan and his dog. When they hear the Cry of the Wolf, it is time for The Great Adventure. Stream Now

Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel is a biography of the famed motorcycle daredevil, who grew up in Butte, Montana. The film depicts Knievel reflecting on major events in his life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend/wife, Linda. The film opens with Evel Knievel at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario, California. Knievel is speaking directly to the camera describing his upcoming daredevil motorcycle jump. Stream Now

The Deserter

The Deserter (also known as The Devil’s Backbone) is the 1971 Dino De Laurentis produced spaghetti western directed by Burt Kennedy and starring an all-star ensemble cast of Bekim Fehmiu, John Huston, Richard Crenna, Chuck Connors, Ricardo Montalban, Slim Pickens and Patrick Wayne. The Deserter tells the story of revenge and trickery as the U.S. Army recruits a deserter (Fehmiu) to lead a band of renegade combat experts to avenge the massacre of an outpost in the Southwestern wastelands, which leads them to the Apache stronghold – The Devil’s Backbone. Stream Now

Circus of Fear (aka Psycho Circus)

Circus of Fear is the 1966 John Llewellyn-Moxey directed horror mystery starring Christopher Lee, Leo Genn and Suzy Kendall telling the story of a Scotland Yard detective’s investigation of an armored-car robbery on Tower Bridge in broad daylight, where the principal suspects are a lion-tamer and a band of knife-throwing circus performers. Stream Now


cockfighterCockfighter (also known as Born to Kill) is a 1974 action drama by director Monte Hellman, starring Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton and featuring Laurie Bird and Ed Begley, Jr., telling the story of a down-and-out southern cocksman who aspires to win the Cockfighter of the Year medal, and although facing a mountain of adversities, will not let go of his dream. Stream Now

Detour 1945 Edgar Ulmer mystery starring Tom Neal, Ann Savage and Claudia Drake in which a New York piano player laments his singer girlfriend leaving for Hollywood, Calif. When he gets some money, he decides to hitchhike to California to join her and in Arizona accepts a ride from a stranger. But during a storm and a freak accident, the stranger is killed. Frightened, the piano man assumes the stranger’s identity and car, but soon comes upon a very mysterious woman who seems to know all about his true identity. Stream Now

Dead Aim

In the film Dead Aim, a traveling gravedigger during an (unspecified) war adopts a orphan he finds alone in the desert. After the war with the orphan grown and business slow, the orphan begins to generate business himself by shooting people. The orphan wants to make one big score by robbing a bank but the gravedigger resists. Their dream is to open a fancy funeral parlor and cemetery. The orphan becomes obsessed with a prostitute he saw who was later abandoned by her outlaw partner after a robbery attempt on a gold wagon goes bad. He eventually leaves the gravedigger to find her. Stream Now

Death Rides a Horse

In Death Rides A Horse, Bill (John Phillip Law), a boy whose father was killed and mother and sister were raped and murdered in front of him by a gang, sets out 15 years later to exact revenge, having used the time to become an expert marksman with a gun. Stream Now

A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His DogVic (Don Johnson) is a libidinous 18-year-old traversing the post-apocalyptic desert of 2024, in the company of his telepathic dog, Blood. When the pair encounter an underground community, the leader’s daughter, Quilla Holmes (Susanne Benton), seduces Vic into their fold, separating him from Blood, who’s left to survive on his own. But once Vic discovers he’s been lured there solely for mechanized procreation, he realizes he’s doomed unless he can escape and rejoin Blood. Stream Now

Affair in Monte Carlo

Affair in Monte CarloRobert Sterling a writer, is visiting a café, when suddenly a scandal becomes known. To keep the others from overreacting, Sterling tells them about something similar that he saw happen long time ago. He had been in Monte Carlo, and was playing host to a young widow whom he knew well. When he persuaded her to visit the casino one night, she became irresistibly attracted to an unstable young man who became suicidal after losing all his money at roulette. Sterling describes how they fell deeply in love, and how both of them then had to face difficult decisions about the future. Written by Snow Leopard. Stream Now