Rehearsal for Murder

Rehearsal for Murder

Drama, Mystery | 96 mins | Released: 1982
Director: David Greene
Starring: Robert Preston, Lynn Redgrave, Patrick Macnee, Lawrence Pressman, William Russ, Jeff Goldblum, William Daniels
Our Rating: 8
Black & White

When his leading lady (and fiancée) Monica Welles (Redgrave) is found dead from an apparent suicide after the opening night of her Broadway stage debut, playwright Alex Dennison (Preston) is left heartbroken. On the first anniversary of her death, he gathers the cast and crew from that ill-fated night in the same Broadway theater, ostensibly to read a new play he is working on, a mystery in which a famous actress is killed. As the reading progresses, the scenes seem to the cast to be uncomfortably close to actual encounters they might have had with Monica. When pressed, Alex finally reveals that he believes that Monica was murdered, and that someone at the theater is her killer.

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Movie Notes:

Rehearsal for Murder is a 1982 murder mystery television film that starred Robert Preston and Lynn Redgrave, and directed by David Greene. The script, written by Richard Levinson and William Link, won a 1983 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

In the flashback seen where William Russ is with Lynn Redgrave, Russ is wearing a brown leather bomber jacket with the number 13 over his left breast. When he portrays Roger Lococco a few years later in Wiseguy, he will wear that same jacket. The jacket was considered Lococco’s “trademark”.

David Greene, who directed this film also directed Roots, Guilty Conscience, and The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Notable Quotes:

[Opening line]Ernie: “Who’s there? Who’s out there? Is that you Mr. Dennison?”

[Last lines] Karen: “Alex, are you coming?” Alex: “Save me a place.”

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