Only With Married Men

Only With Married Men

Comedy | 90 Mins | Released: 1974
Director: Jerry Paris
Starring: David Birney, Michelle Lee, John Astin, Judy Carne, Dom Deluise, Gavin MacLeod, Dan Tobin
Our Rating: 5

After one too many disappointments with bachelors, Jill (Michele Lee) elects to date only married men. To avoid long-term commitments, David (David Birney), a handsome playboy, poses as a married man. When Jill and David meet, their relationship will produce results that neither of the doubtful daters expected.


Movie Notes:

Stereotypes Abounding.
 rsoonsa  – 2 September 2002
This seems to be fundamentally a television situation comedy expanded in length and without a laugh track, utilizing a somewhat thin premise for a plot, with the cast in the main being a group of TV regulars introduced at the beginning with mugging lead-ins. The script tells of Jill Garrett (Michele Lee), an unmarried interior designer who has been consistently disappointed in her relationships with single men, thereupon deciding to date only those married, and of David Andrews (David Birney), a playboy attorney who pretends to be wed in order to win Jill’s favours, and of the comedic events that ensue. Supporting this pair are Dom DeLuise as David’s married law partner Murray, who “loans” the young rake his family, Gavin MacLeod as Jill’s effeminate and protective business partner skeptical of David’s advances, John Astin playing a psychiatrist friend of David, and chirpy Judy Carne as Murray’s wife. Although the episodic picture moves at a brisk pace, there is little real direction, only DeLuise occasionally scoring with a humorous line, and the jazzy score is irksome at best, yet the cast seems to be enjoying its routine efforts, despite providing for its audience much to forget.