I Wonder Who’s Killing Her Now


I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now

Comedy, Crime | 87 Mins | Released: 1975
Director: Steven Hillard Stern
Starring: Bob Dishy, Joanna Barnes, Bill Dana, Harvey Jason, Severn Darden, Vito Scotti, George Memmoli
Our Rating: 4

Jordan Oliver (Dishy) is caught embezzling $250,000 from his employer but, as he is the boss’ son-in-law, is given a chance to pay it back. Meanwhile, his wealthy wife Clarice (Barnes) is about to divorce him. He can only get the money by having his wife murdered for $1 million life insurance. He hires a hitman Bobo (Bill Dana) to kill his wife; Bobo subcontracts the job out to another hitman, who in turn subcontracts it out and so on until an actor is the hitman for just $6.95 When Oliver is told his wife’s insurance is invalid, he must rescue his wife before she’s murdered.


Movie Notes:

I Wonder Who’s Killing Her Now? (original USA theatrical name Kill My Wife, Please) is a 1975 black comedy movie directed by Steven Hilliard Stern, and starring Bob Dishy and Joanna Barnes. Originally Peter Sellers was to be cast as the lead but he had another heart attack and insurance couldn’t be got on him so Dishy was his replacement at the last moment. It was directed by Steven Hilliard Stern, from a screenplay by Mickey Rose.

The title is a play on the old musical I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now.

Soundtrack is Polonaise Op.53 in A flat major (Frédéric Chopin).