Hit Lady


Hit Lady

Action, Drama | 72 mins | Released: 1974
Director: Tracy Keenan Wynn
Starring: Yvette Mimieux, Keenan Wynn, Joseph Campanella, Clu Gulager, Dack Rambo, Roy Jenson, Paul Genge
Our Rating: 7

Hit Lady tells the story of a beautiful young artist that moonlights as a syndicate killer.

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Movie Notes:

Hit Lady star Yvette Mimieux also wrote the screenplay for this made-for-TV suspenser.

Hit Lady also stars Joseph Campanella, Dack Rambo, Clu Gulager and Keenan Wynn.

Hit Lady was directed by Tracy Keenan Wynn (Kennan Wynn’s son, and Ed Wynn‘s grandson)

Per the title, Mimieux plays a professional assassin. “And she never misses,” declared the print ads for this film. When not working for the mob, she is a successful painter.

Hit Lady slammed and blammed its way to the airwaves on October 8, 1974.

A Review by Bruce Bruce on Rotten Tomatoes
“Anytime the leading actor in a movie Yvette Mimieux is the person who wrote the script for the movie it usually spells trouble, but not so here.
From the BCI Crime Wave 10 pack, we have a movie that appears to have been made for TV.
Yvette Mimieux is a Hit Lady 3 for 3 in successful jobs till she falls in love with her next and final hit. (Guess the $125,000 was just something she couldn’t look over.)

That itself should only get you 1/2 a star.
But the movie isn’t all that bad for the era it was filmed in. Enjoyed her long thick hair, No Nude scenes.
She gets it in the end, from her boyfriend who she finds out in the end was set up to fall in love with her in case she failed at a job, so he shoots her for the boss, cheating who deserved it. Put 3 stars on that dead body..”

“Well you must have upset someone, or else I wouldn’t be here”
Author: gridoon – 18 November 2007
Yvette Mimieux looks gorgeous and gives a fine, understated performance as a contract killer who methodically seduces her targets, waits until they have let their guard down, and then strikes – lethally.
But problems arise when she decides that she wants to quit the business. What I particularly liked about Yvette’s performance here is that she presents the character and lets the viewer decide how he or she should feel about her. She doesn’t force-feed you the answers, and neither does the movie.
It proceeds economically from scene to scene, telling a seemingly simple story, but the unexpected twist at the end of it has real impact.
Be warned: it’s not an action movie (though there is one car chase), it’s more of a character drama.

Lovely and MAJOR lethal
Author: blanche-2 from United States – 8 July 2005
Very entertaining film from the ’70s, produced by Aaron Spelling and written by Yvette Mimieux, who stars in it, looks gorgeous (it is, after all, Aaron Spelling), and surrounds herself with men, particularly Dack Rambo.
Mimieux plays a woman in a man’s job – she’s a hit woman. Though very successful knocking people off, she gets tired of it and, in love with Rambo, wants to retire from the business and live with him in Mexico. Her costars, besides Rambo, are Clu Gulager, Joseph Campanella, Keenan Wynn – basically all men.

There’s one very fun scene at the airport when Mimieux, attempting to disguise herself, offers a woman (Mitzi Hoag) outrageous money for her coat. I’d have handed it over too.
Obviously a very brainy woman in real life, Mimieux does this cold, impersonal kind of role very well, and she’s a real knockout in this (as usual). The film contains a very neat twist as well. Highly recommended.

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