Action, Adventure | 90 mins | Released: 1987
Director: J Christian Ingvordsen
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Rick Washburn, Dog Thomas, Keith Bogart, J. Christian Ingvordsen, David Henry Keller, Dan Lutsky
Our Rating: 5

In Hangmen, Dick Biel is the assassin of a US senator, who is responsible for responding to the incident accidentally kills several innocent bystanders with the team, during the operation.

Several years later, Rob Greene becomes the team leader for the secret operations team that had been charged with protecting the senator, having information about a renegade CIA cell and that cell wants Greene and his information. He runs from the cell, so they attempt to kidnap his son as a hostage. In the process, they murder Denny best friend, two of Rob Greene’s former team, Rob’s ex-wife and her new husband. The rest of the team get together to fight back, including the team member responsible for the deaths of bystanders years before. When the CIA cell kidnaps Lisa, Denny’s girlfriend, they are able to manipulate Denny into surrendering to them. Rob’s team then attacks the headquarters of the CIA cell in a rescue mission.

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Movie Notes:

Written and directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen, Hangmen is a 1987 American action thriller film, it marked American actress Sandra Bullock’s film debut. Bullock is featured on the covers of later video releases of Hangmen as the headline star, capitalizing on her later stardom.

Also featured in the movie are Rick Washburn, Dog Thomas, Keith Bogart, J. Christian Ingvordsen, David Henry Keller, Dan Lutsky

Notable Quotes from Hangmen:
Dog Thompson: “Y’know, I know this really sounds like a whine, but ah… I like aggressive women!”
[Shoots back and asks], “D’you like fat guys?”
Mrs. Black: “Yeaaaaah… I like them dead!”

User Reviews for Hangmen:
When bad movies happen to good actresses
6 February 2006 | by jasiaeight (United States)
“This movie is soo bad that I’ve wasted way too much time already talking about it. Soo bad…really… …BAD… and I’m not even that critical… ..I’m almost ashamed to admit to having seen it… Sandra’s few minutes show you how far she’s really made it… I mean really anything next to this is really Oscar worthy for her… I suppose the only way for her to look at it is there’s no way but up after this one…I suppose she had to start somewhere… but really…soo bad… …awful really… bad is too good a word for this s**t ….but I don’t want to get mean now… but really how can u not after wasting 90 minutes… 90 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back… 90 minutes I could have spent doing something better…like sitting on my butt and staring into space..that would have been time better spent…”
(walks away shaking head)

Pure glorious schlock
Author: (sawatzky-829-14303) from Canada, 27 August 2010
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can understand the disappointment of those who bought this movie for the picture of Sandra Bullock on the cover. I looked at the date of the movie and had to think back to what I was doing that year…1987… definitely no Sandra Bullock on the radar yet. That picture was just to depict a pretty girl and innocent bystander in the movie. I think back in the day this movie would have been accepted for the corny schlock it really was, a genre that has evolved to give us Scary Movie 1, 2, 3 & 4.
You realize that this is going to be corn, not serious drama the moment the opening political assassination begins. Instead of a sniper on a roof, they use machine guns in the halls. As the opening credits roll you are treated to further clues that this movie means to be bad – instead of a gun with a sniper scope, they show a gun with a 1000mm “catadioptric” camera lens stuck to the top of the gun (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catadioptric_system if you want to see just how ridiculous this is). That’s not subtle schlock, that is full blown in-your-face meant-to-be-bad corn.
I give this movie full marks for doing what it set out to do, and minus a few points for poor marketing and plot. Even Scary Movie 1, 2, 3 & 4 had good plots.”