God’s Gun


God's Gun

Western, Drama, Action | 94 mins | Released: 1976
Director: Gianfranco Parolini
Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Richard Boone, Sybil Danning, Leif Garrett, Robert Lipton, Cody Palance
Our Rating: 5

In God’s Gun, Sam Clayton (Jack Palance) and his gang arrive in the small town of Juno City where Father John (Lee van Cleef) is the priest of the town church. After having a little bit of fun, which involves raping a woman and knifing a man in the back, the gang leaves town, only to be caught by the fearless but unarmed Father John. That night the murderer is broken out of jail. Vowing revenge, the gang guns him down on the steps of his church and then set about taking control of the town while waiting for the stagecoach. However, little Johnny O’Hara (Leif Garrett) manages to escape with a couple of their horses and rides off to Mexico in the hope of finding the priest’s gunfighter brother (also played by Lee Van Cleef). They soon meet and set off back across the border to clean up the town. Meanwhile, Clayton discovers that he is Johnny’s father. Also, some fifteen years prior during the Civil War, Jenny O’Hara (Sybil Danning) had been one of Clayton’s victims, adding to the mystique of the situation — as well as to the question of little Johnny’s paternity — and now, enhancing the plot, Clayton takes to the idea of being a father.

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Movie Notes:

God’s Gun (also known as Diamante Lobo) is a 1975 Italian–Israeli Spaghetti Western filmed in Israel, and directed by Gianfranco Parolini (credited as Frank Kramer) starring Lee Van Cleef. Jack Palance plays the head of a malicious group of bandits and Van Cleef plays a double role of brothers: a priest and a reformed gunfighter determined to stop them.

Leif Garrett also plays a vital part in the film, as a fatherless kid who brings the reformed gunfighter to town.

Richard Boone walked off the film before it was completed leaving his role to be dubbed by another actor. In an interview with Cleveland Amory in Israel, in May of 1976, Boone told Amory: “I’m starring in the worst picture ever made. The producer is an Israeli and the director is Italian, and they don’t speak. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter because the director is deaf in both ears.”

When Sam Clayton finds out Johnny is his son, he runs around the parlor shouting “I gotta son!” he specifically says it to Zeke Clayton, who is played by Palance’s son in real life, Cody Palance.

Sybil Danning plays Jenny and is the mother of Johnny, Leif Garrett’s character. Dancing is 14 years older than Garrett.

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Notable Quotes from God’s Gun:
Sam Clayton: “I ain’t getting no younger. Time just goes by and then… then one day… one day you just get older and suddenly… you find yourself… all alone.”

Jenny: “You deserve to be alone.”

Father John: “Mine is the vengeance, sayeth the lord.”

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