Crazy Streets

Crazy Streets

Comedy, Mystery | 85 mins | Released: 1987
Director: Amos Kollek
Starring: Alec Baldwin, Deborah Harry, Hanna Schygulla, Annie Golden, Paul Gleason, Ruth Westheimer, Raymond Serra
Our Rating: 5

In Crazy Streets, a beautiful novelist gets involved with the violent crime underworld in New York City, becoming a target. A cop (portrayed by Alec Baldwin) pursues her killers.

Crazy Streets is also known as FOREVER, LULU.


Movie Notes:

Crazy Streets, released in 1987 and originally titled “Forever Lulu” was Alec Baldwin’s first screen appearance.

Crazy Streets was also Pat Ryan’s last film.

Reviews of Crazy Streets:
Full of quirky characters but not much more …..
30 July 2013 | by merklekranz (United States)
“Forever Lulu” (Crazy Streets) might be considered a “black comedy”, but the story randomly puddles around like a doodlebug on a pond so the few dark comedy elements are lost in the confusion of a badly scattered script. Do not expect to see much of Alec Baldwin or Deborah Harry as their parts are small. The editing is especially weak, and while there are at least a bunch of recognizable character actors, they are badly wasted by the meandering storyline. There is a shooting and an attempt at portraying meaningful friendship, but the entertainment value simply isn’t there. Skip “Forever Lulu” even if you are a fan of Alec Baldwin or Deborah Harry…………….”

A superior spoof of desperately seeking susan
Author: theeht from ny, ny – 28 September 2000
“This off-shot of Desperately Seeking Susan should interest fans of Debbie Harry, lead singer of the rock band Blondie, who has inspired all female rock musicians throughout the world. It’s cute and light entertainment though not very good, but Harry fans beware: our girl appears off and on throughout the entire film, but only has one line of dialog. Still, it’s superior to the previous film, due mainly to the fact that Debbie is a million times cooler than Madonna.The best film, so far, for Debbie fans, is Intimate Stranger.”

Worth watching because of the lead actress, not because of Debbie Harry.
Author: ron-568-388676 from United States – 30 October 2009
“Although this movie has been advertised on cable TV as starring Deborah Harry, she actually has only a brief cameo role. The real star is the lead actress, Hanna Schygulla. Though the script is a bit thin, Hanna Schygulla is so appealing that it is easy to become engrossed in the movie. It’s hard to understand why such an attractive and capable actress, who was a major star in Germany, never got much attention in Hollywood. The plot is basically about a woman whose luck gets so bad that she hits rock bottom, but then takes advantage of curious turns of events to turn her life around. In the process, she learns what is really important to her, and also comes to realize who her real friends are.”

Great 1987 Film
Author: whpratt1 from United States – 7 November 2008
“Enjoyed this film about a girl named Elaine, (Hanna Schyqulla) whose luck in life seems to be going down hill. Elaine wants to be a writer and she works during the day for a company that makes toilet seats and in the evening she writes her books. Elaine one day is late for work and she loses her job and has fallen behind in the rent and is being evicted from her apartment in a rough section of New York City. Elaine is also looking for an elusive woman named LuLu (Deborah Harry) and they keep running across each others path. Unfortunately, Elaine gets herself mixed up with murder, robbery, drugs and two attaché cases full of money, plus a full-length mink coat and the mafia is also very interested in her whereabouts. This film has plenty of comedy, some nudity and plenty to keep you interested right to the very end of this film. Enjoy”