Blood Tide

Horror | 82 mins | Released: 1982
Director: Richard Jefferies
Starring: James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer, Lila Kedrova, Mary Louise Weller, Martin Kove, Lydia Cornell, Deborah Shelton
Our Rating: 4

A treasure hunter accidentally frees a monster, forcing local villagers to revisit the sacrifice of virgins.


Movie Notes:

Blood Tide is a 1982 British film directed by Richard Jefferies. The film is also known as Bloodtide (in the USA) and Demon Island (American TV title).

Bloodtide stars James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer, Lila Kedrova, Martin Kove and Mary Louise Weller.

Bloodtide was reviewed by manicgecko in 2005 saying,“Ah, horror garbage at its finest, at least in parts. Young couple goes to Greece on their honeymoon looking for his sister. That’s exactly what I wanted to do on my honeymoon. Meet up with JEJ and his hot blond on an island that they are unwelcome on and meet an ancient curse. I should be basking in the cheesiness, but somehow it doesn’t deliver. Don’t get me wrong there were some truly classic moments including the children sacrificing their friend in a game, the whole 5 SECONDS of the paper mache monster, and the village drunk was good for a laugh. I just found myself dozing in between. Good news though I found out who David Hasselhoff based his acting techniques off of.”

Tim Salmons reviews this movie in Rotten Tomatoes saying, “This has a great cast and some interesting things going on in it, but it’s far too muddy. I’m still scratching my head at the incestuous moment toward the end.” He gave it 3 stars.

Greg S, also reviews this movie in Rotten Tomatoes saying, “A honeymooner tracks his missing sister to a remote Greek island where the weirdo locals and expats are hunting for treasure and dealing with a sea monster. James Earl Jones’ performance as a drunken, “Othello”-quoting archeologist is the only point of interest in this cheap and poorly designed creature feature that blatantly rips off better movies (e.g. JAWS).” He gave it 1 star.

bbcfloridabound, again from Rotten Tomatoes, reviews Bloodtide – “From Brentwood Home Video 4 Movie Collection Of Tales From The Bone Yard. A legendary sea monster is awakened from centuries of sleep on a Greek island by an American archeologist (James Earl Jones). An island elder (Jose Ferrer) is aware of the legend of the beast, including its appetite for virgin sacrifices,” according to the DVD sleeve’s synopsis. Elderly Lila Kedrova (as Anna), a knowing nun, is also aware of the monstrous danger. Hopefully, the monster isn’t averse to snacking on a few tasty non-virgin women as well, because there are a few to wet one’s appetite.
In fact, the main “Blood Tide” attraction is watching three very arousing thirty-something women. First, rise to attention for beautiful blonde model Mary-Louise Weller (as Sherry Grice), newlywed wife to handsome shirtless hero Martin Kove (as Neil Grice). Next, salute bouncy brunette Deborah Shelton (as Madeline), who looks swell in either wet clothes or the wind. Then, make it a third thumb up for busty blonde Lydia Cornell (as Barbara). Nobody shows too much skin, but everyone looks good. 2 Stars 8-9-13
” He gave the movie 2 stars.

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