Black Cobra

Black Cobra

Martial Arts, Action | 85 mins | Released: 1987
Director: Stelvio Massi
Starring: Fred Williamson, Eva Grimaldi, Bruno Bilotta, Maurice Poli, Vassili Karis, Sabrina Slani, Aldo Mengolini
Our Rating: 5

Black Cobra was released in 1987. When a beautiful photographer (Eva Grimaldi) witnesses a murder committed by the leader (Bruno Bilotta) of a vicious motorcycle gang, it’s up to Malone (Fred Williamson) to protect her.

The gang throws everything they’ve got at Malone to eliminate the eyewitness, but Malone is tough-as-nails.

The plot is identical to Cobra starring Sylvester Stallone, the film in which its name is derived from.

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Movie Notes:

Black Cobra (Cobra nero in Italy) is an Italian Blaxploitation series of four action films. All of its films are centered on Robert ‘Bob’ Malone (Fred Williamson), a maverick police detective who deals out his own brand of justice.

Notable Quotes:
Bandit Leader: “Now it’s time to act!”

Detective Robert Malone: “I’m not doing it for you. I’m just doing it. I would do it even if it were Santa Claus’ daughter.”

[first lines]
Detective Robert Malone: [on the police radio] “Yeah, what is it?”

[last lines]
Elys Trumbo: “One more, hold it.” [she snaps Malone’s picture]

Fred Williamson is one tough dude…
1 July 2008 | by legendaryunderdog (United States)
“Fred Williamson rocks! I will admit that the cinematography is horrible, the acting is way below sub-par, the direction is beyond weak but this movie just rocks! Some movies can be “so bad that they’re good” and this film is honestly a fine description of that phrase. Yeah the villains are awful dorky in their little bike-suits and dirt-bikes they haul around in. Williamson is solid gold as Detective Robert Malone in this flick, he’s bad, he’s mean, he’s had a rough past that he’d love to forget and he gets to protect a photographer that took some incriminating photos of a biker gang (The Black Cobras) committing a crime that unfortunately for her and Malone didn’t develop properly, soo (you guessed it!) that leaves the face of the culprit(s) as unknown. So Malone’s gotta get out on the streets and do it his own way , this film should’ve been called “Dirty Robert”, Williamson’s character is practically a mirror image to Clint Eastwood’s famous “Dirty” Harry Callahan character. I suggest this movie to everybody that breathes on the face of this earth. If you are having an evening alone (or with friends) and you wanna watch a movie that doesn’t ask much of the viewer and you wanna see some butts get kicked….Then my friends, The Black Cobra is for You! 10 out of 10 stars because I’m sure nobody else likes this movie as much as I do!”

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