Bare Knuckles

Bare Knuckles

Martial Arts, Action, Adventure | 90 mins | Released: 2010
Director: Eric Etibari
Starring: Jeanette Roxborough, Martin Kove, Louis Mandylor, Bridgett Riley, Joanne Baron, Spice Williams-Crosby, Anthony Cistaro
Our Rating: 6

Inspired by a true story, Bare Knuckles stars Jeanette Roxborough as a desperate single mother who enters an underground Mixed Martial Arts competition in order to provide for her young daughter. Samantha Rogers (Roxborough) is a cocktail waitress who only holds onto her job out of sheer desperation. One night, while breaking up a bar brawl between a pair of belligerent women, Samantha makes a big impression on struggling fight promoter Sonny Cool (Martin Kove), who convinces her to test her fighting skills in the ring. Before long, the frustrated cocktail waitress is earning big money in the world of illegal, bare-knuckle female fighting. Although her better judgment tells her that she should make a clean break from this sordid underworld as quickly as possible, her motherly instincts convince her that the only way to ensure a bright future for her daughter is to fight with everything she’s got until she can’t throw another punch.

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Movie Notes:

Bare Knuckles is a 2010 action/drama directed by Eric Etibari and starring Jeanette Roxborough.

The grand finale fight for Bare Knuckles was shot on location at Castle Kashan in Malibu California. Sometimes known as Hodge Castle or Malibu Castle the 10,000 square ft replica of a Scottish castle was also used for filming Highway to Heaven (1984).

A few months after Bare Knuckles wrapped at this unique $17 Million property the castle belonging to Iranian oil princess, Lily Lawrence was completely destroyed by a wild fire.


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rider_ryuki2000 from United States on 1 June 2010 reviewed this movie saying:
“I have seen every B rated martial arts movie from Cynthia Rothrock, Jalal Merhi, Loren Avedon of the 80s all the way to the most recent Hector Echavarria movie. This movie plot has been done over and over, and because it was inspired by true events I thought it might be good. Boy was I wrong. The fight scenes were really bad. You could actually see the punches missing. The acting was really sad as well. Jeanette Roxborough is a stunt double trying to turn actress, so I’ll cut her a little slack. Martin Kove is terrible at playing a good guy, and this movie just reinforces that statement. On top of all this, the fights in the tournaments felt rushed and most lasted like 30 seconds (some even faster then that). I’m not talking about highlights of the fight, I’m talking about from start to finish of the match. They should have used less people in the tournament and made the fights a little longer and more competitive. Overall a big disappointment on a movie I really wanted to like.”

Destroyer Wod from Quebec on 11 February 2012 reviews this movie:

“Pretty much like the guy before me, i watched all that was made in the USA from 88 to 2012… Cynthia Rothrock, Don Wilson, Jalal Merhi, Van Damme, Seagal and all of those. I own pretty much everything. So i was surprised to see i didn’t have this movie, i got it on ebay for a few bucks and here we go… Honestly i tough the acting was convincing enough, maybe I’m not a big “looker” of this, as long as its not terrible, i am satisfy when it comes to martial arts movies. But the fighting was pretty bad overall. The fights where slow, obvious punches missing and it seem they never knew where they wanted to go. It was like they tried some MMA style, then it switched to Kick Boxing stand-up fights. Then you think they try to aim for a realistic type of fight but couple minutes later you get some roundhouse kick that pretty much only works in the movies. And not to mention that except the fights featuring the main character, all the rest where indeed short, rushed and pretty bad. Well… let’s say this movie will just take its place in my collection, probably never to be watched again… But one mention to Jeanette, for a stunt-double-turned-actress here, she did pretty well and she’s very cute. I liked Martin Kove as Sonny Cool too. Honestly the problem with this movie was just the fights…”

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