“F” for “Four Fabulous Films”

This week, the letter “F” stands for the “Four Fabulous Films” as Moviezoot.com is featuring a random sampling from our collection of classic movies with a catch – today we present a Mystery, a Comedy, and Thriller, and a Drama – and there are numbers that start with the letter “F” within each of their titles.

Our Mystery – from 1932, The Sign of Four – stars Arthur Wontener and Ian Hunter; our Comedy – from 1935, Life Begins at Forty – stars Will Rogers and Richard Cromwell; our Thriller – from 1987, Blunt: The Forth Man – stars Anthony Hopkins and Ian Richardson; and our Drama – and from 1988, Five Corners – stars Jodie Foster and Tim Robbins.

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The Sign of Four

“TheThe Sign of Four is a 1932 black & white British Crime/Mystery film directed by Graham Cutts and staring Ian Hunter, Arthur Wontener, Ilsa Bevin, Graham Soutton and Miles Malleson in which a young woman needs Sherlock Holmes for protection when she’s tormented by an escaped killer. However, when the woman is abducted, Holmes and Watson must infiltrate the city’s criminal underworld to track down the young woman.

Life Begins at Forty

“LifeLife Begins at Forty is the black & white 1935 George Marshall comedy starring Will Rogers and Richard Cromwell telling the tale of a small-town American publisher of the local paper (Rogers) finds himself in opposition to the hard-nosed local banker on the return to town of a lad (Cromwell) jailed possibly wrongly for a theft from the bank. Life Begins at Forty is based on the non-fiction self-help book with the same title authored by Walter B. Pitkin.

Blunt: the Fourth Man

“Blunt:Blunt: The Fourth Man is the 1986 John Glenister British spy-thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Ian Richardson in which Anthony Blunt (Ian Richardson) is an eminent Cambridge-educated art historian who is also working as a spy for the Soviet Union. In love with double agent Guy Burgess (Anthony Hopkins), he helps Burgess get yet another treasonous British agent to safety in Moscow. When Burgess unexpectedly defects as well, the government becomes suspicious of Blunt, but investigators have trouble believing such a refined and aristocratic gentleman would ever betray his nation and his class.

Five Corners

“FiveIn 1988, Tony Bill directed the intriguingly offbeat crime drama Five Corners starring Jody Foster, Tim Robbins, Todd Graff and John Turturro telling the 24-hour tale of a disturbed neighborhood rapist, his victim with whom he is now in love with, and her two protectors – one of whom is an invalid, and one who is committed to the civil-rights movement and non-violence. These actors portray a wide range of emotions and perspectives begging the viewer’s empathy for each and every character’s plight.