Classic Horror Films

After last week’s ‘love-fest’ of Marilyn and Valentine’s Day, how about a little horror to bring us back to reality of our world? We’ve selected just four of our choice classic horror films from our film vaults for your featured viewing entertainment this week: Blood Thirst with Robert Winston and Katherine Henryk, Bloodtide with James Earl Jones and Jose Ferrer, Lady Frankenstein with Joseph Cotton and Rosalba Neri, and The Pyx with Karen Black and Christopher Plumber. There’s nothing like a scary movie to make you feel alive!

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Blood Thirst

“BloodBlood Thirst, with Robert Winston and Katherine Henryk starring in Newt Arnold’s 1971 black & white horror film tells the story of a South American belly dancer who uncovers an ancient Aztec secret for eternal life involving regular blood transfusions so she enlists a monstrous club owner to help fill her needed pipeline…



“Bloodtide”Bloodtide, with James Earl Jones and Jose Ferrer starring in Richard Jefferies’ 1982 horror film tells the tale of a treasure hunter who accidentally frees a monster and forces the local villagers to revisit the demonic practice of sacrificing virgins.


Lady Frankenstein

“CHANGELady Frankenstein, with Joseph Cotton and the fabulous Rosalba Neri starring in this 1971 Mel Welles horror drama tells the story of a recently graduated daughter who picks up where her mad scientist father left off – assembling bodies from the dead. Only this time, it’s different!


The Pyx

“TheThe Pyx with Karen Black and Christopher Plumber star in this 1973 Harvey Hart horror crime thriller about a grizzly murder that puts an investigating detective in the middle of the occult surrounded by prostitution, drug addition and conspiracy with all of her suspects mysteriously dropping like flies.