Classic Black & White Movies

This week, has added 4 awesome classic black & white movies into our film vault of free-streaming and mobile-friendly movies. The recently acquired films are 1952’s western romance The Bushwhackers with Dorothy Malone and John Ireland, 1947’s musical romance Calendar Girl with Jane Frazee and Kenny Baker, 1946’s drama/mystery The Chase with Robert Cummings and Michele Morgan, and 1959’s ever-puzzling crime/drama Compulsion with Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman and Orson Welles. All of these films – and many more – can be seen now or anytime on any fixed or mobile device at

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The Bushwhackers

“TheThe Bushwhackers is the 1952 black & white Rodney Amateau western starring Dorothy Malone and John Ireland telling the story of a Confederate war veteran trying to swear-off firearms when he gets caught up in greedy, pre-railroad land-grabs in Missouri. His passivity yields to violence out of necessity.


Calendar Girl

“CalendarCalendar Girl is the 1947 black & white Allan Dwan musical romance starring Jane Frazee, William Marshall, Kenny Baker and Gail Patrick telling the story of two friends coming to NYC at the turn of the century (the 1900’s) to seek their destinies but are sidetracked by romance and the pursuit of true love, while still holding on to their secrets.


The Chase

“TheThe Chase is the 1946 Arthur Ripley black & white romance/drama starring Robert Cummings, Michele Morgan Steve Cochran and Lloyd Corrigan telling the story of an unemployed veteran gaining employment as a chauffeur after returning a lost wallet, but his shady new employer’s wife wants to escape. But wait – that’s just the beginning!



“Compulsion”Compulsion is the 1959 black & white Richard Fleischer crime drama starring Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman and Orson Wells exploring the ‘perfect crime’ of a pre-meditated murder accidentally gone wrong, and the clever manipulation of the American legal system – illuminating and exposing the Leopold/Loeb case of the time.