This is the Army

this-is-the-armyThis is the Army is a 1943 Patriotic War Musical directed by Michael Curtiz starring Ronald Regan and George Murphy based on a play written by Irving Berlin. Flashing back to WWI in 1917, newly married actor Jerry Jones (George Murphy) puts on an all-infantry musical to raise his fellow soldiers’ morale. At the dawn of World War II, as his own son, Johnny (Ronald Reagan), ponders whether to marry his sweetheart, Eileen (Joan Leslie), Jerry and his old Army buddies — including Eileen’s father, Eddie Dibble (Charles Butterworth) — decide to put on a new show for the boys marching off to battle just as they did years ago. The infamous World Heavyweight Boxing champion, Joe Lewis, plays himself as Sgt. Joe Lewis and is seen in This is the Army kicking up the dust! And, it is doubtful that actor Ronald Reagan had even the most remote conception that he would be sitting in the White House as a tenant one day and that he would be giving the nation’s greeting to Irving Berlin on his 100th birthday. But that’s an American success story too.