Weirdness Abounds

What goes on inside the head of a screenwriter? Some writers tell stories of inspiration, courage, humor – just about anything. And some writers tell weird stories that are imagined from almost a different world and tell stories of human compassion, bravery, cowardice or love. features four classic movies from our collection that are just down-right weird – in their perspective, in their premises and in their conclusion as we present Andy Warhol and Jed Johnson’s 1977 Bad, L. Q. Jones’ surreal 1975 A Boy and His Dog, Mike Hodges’ 1985 near-slapstick Sci-Fi comedy Morons from Outer Space, and Tom Graeff’s equally outrageous 1959 Teenagers from Outer Space.

These movies may not have the best reviews, but they remain classic in their timing and reflection of the human condition, causing one to ponder just what weirdness abounds in the screenwriters creative mind. What exactly are they trying to tell us? And the even greater question – “What are we supposed to do with this information?”

Don’t get freaked out. Take a toke and just enjoy the ride.