Actors Directing Themselves

Perhaps the best-known actors that are also their own directors are Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Seth McFarland and Clint Eastwood. But many many more have taken this challenge as a matter of pride, ego or passion. Some, like Allen and Eastwood, do a fine job of it, and others are challenged by the difficulty of separating the important contributing roles of each. takes a look at four films where the director is actually the lead actor in various genres including Marlon Brando in the Western – One Eyed Jacks; Laurence Olivier in the romantic drama – The Prince and the Showgirl; David A. R. White in the romantic comedy – Holyman Undercover; and Jackie Chan in the Martial Arts comedy – Fearless Hyena.

Watch the conflict and assess the performance successes yourself in this self/directed collection of classics consisting of a Western, a Drama, a Comedy and a Martial Arts film.

We bet you will be pleasantly entertained for hours!