Autumn + Guy + Gal = Romance

Ahhh – the Fall Season is for falling in love.

The crisp air; the glorious colors; and the anticipation of snuggling up with a special someone in front of a cozy fire during the long cold winter ahead.

This week, features four Classic Romances about falling in love with movies including Allen Dwan’s 1947 Calendar Girl with William Marshall and Jane Frazee; Charles Vidor’s 1944 Cover Girl with Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth; Gregory La Cava’s 1936 My Man Godfrey with William Powell and Carole Lombard; and John Cromwell’s 1934 Of Human Bondage with Leslie Howard and Bette Davis.

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Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl is the 1947 black & white Allan Dwan musical romance starring Jane Frazee, William Marshall, Kenny Baker and Gail Patrick telling the story of two friends coming to NYC at the turn of the century (the 1900s) to seek their destinies, but are sidetracked by romance and the pursuit of true love, while still holding on to their secrets.

Cover Girl

Cover Girl is the 1944 Charles Vidor romantic comedy starring Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth telling the story of an ambitious stage performer who must choose between riches and romance when presented with alternative opportunities from her grandmother’s old flame.

My Man Godfrey

My Man Godfrey is the 1936 black & white Gregory La Cava romance comedy starring William Powell and Carole Lombard telling the story of sibling-rivalry, interclass struggles and the power of love staged during the great depression – this is a rags to riches story in more ways than one!

Of Human Bondage

Of Human Bondage is the 1934 black & white John Cromwell drama/romance starring Bette Davis and Leslie Howard along with Frances Dee, Kay Johnson, Reginald Denny, Alan Hale and Reginald Sheffield based on the 1915 novel of the same name by W. Somerset Maugham. This film tells the story of an English medical student who abandons his artistic aspirations when he falls for a callous and manipulative waitress. Despite her abuse he becomes completely obsessed with her as she storms in and out of his life. Whenever he seems ready to move on, she bursts back into his life in a seemingly inescapably cruel and vicious cycle. We all have people like this in our families – are they attending your holiday dinner?